Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Incompetent Newbie, nest egg, back to Sydney and one man's effect on me.

Jo has flown back to Sydney and I'm stuck here by myself again. It was great catching up with her and doing/saying all the crazy things like we always do. You just went back to Sydney way too fast, Jo!

-- AMP Tower!

In other news, work still sucks big time. Newbie keeps making mistakes that I have to account for. Fucker. I hate going to meetings when other people are going to use his work and ask me, "Why is this being done? Haven't we agreed that it is to be done [alternative] way?!" I mean I just stopped defending him after a while. There's only THAT many times you can help someone, but beyond that, it is just tiring on my part and I will just come across as inefficient and defensive as that wanker.

I hate work.

I am still a long way from building my nest egg to move my bum back to Sydney. We're talking about at least AUD$15k. That works out to be around S$19.5k. Good lord when will I ever save S$20k!? I want to move back to Sydney.... and may my new address be somewhere in Bondi/Coogee. Woohoo!

-- Happy birthday Harbour Bridge!

J is still somewhere out there. Still uncontactable. I have elevated my current mental state from restless to tormented, which will all end if he calls/emails or when I plunge to my death/work myself to death. It's an "either.. or" situation.

-- My mental state has only 5 stages.

I can't believe one man has the ability to make me go unhinged and daffy. What is the world coming to?

-- Maybe moving back to Sydney will do me good? My dream neighbourhood.

Am I already hopeless?

UPDATE: J called during my lunch break to save the world from another one of my meltdowns! J saves the day! My hero.

p.s. Hang on. He drove me to the brink of insanity because he was uncontactable. Then he SAVED me by calling. Is he the villain or the hero?

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