Sunday, March 11, 2007

Overspending, lack of control, shoe shopping and blisters.

I think I am overspending.

Before J got here, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions (read: emotional breakdowns). Work, relationship, family and expectations were snuffing the life force out of me and everything was out of control. The only thing I could control was shopping.

[Rollercoaster of emotions!? I have not heard that expression since... forever. As the French would ask, que le fuck?]

-- Retail therapy

I know it sounds illogical. My shopping was out of control, judging by the number of bags per shopping spree. But hey, for that moment I felt I was in control of things. I DECIDE what to get, and what not. Control.

[Ok I don't know. Is that control at all? ]


Anyway J picked out this pair of shoes for me!

-- Luscious dark blue heels

I love them. They are wedges, patent leather and oh-so-shiny. How often do your boyfriend pick out your shoes? This is a first for me and I am thrilled. I can go shoe shopping with my boyfriend!

-- Always a price to pay

New shoes come at a price. Always.

The current damage stands at 3 blisters. Ouch.

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