Friday, March 09, 2007

Stalking, PS3 launch and career opportunities for the homeless.

J's plane has landed. Hope he doesn't lose any of his bags this time.

-- A fan of Qantas, I am not.

I feel like a stalker, watching his every move like a eagle zooming in to its prey.

I am relieved he arrived safe and sound.


On another note, Playstation 3 was launched in Singapore 2 days ago near my apartment. The dream shiny black powerhouse was going for $799 inclusive of 2 games. It is an unbeatable price, since Playstation 3 is currently going for $1600 on the black market. Yes I even checked in the black market.

-- Ooooohhh this baby is so prettyyyy....

The queue was unbelievable and I was entertaining a stray thought (that had entered my head like many others) of getting a homeless guy to stand in line for me. The thing is, there is no homeless guy where I am at. So there goes my plan of hiring him for $10 bucks to stand in line for me.

Bah humbug.

So here I am, alone while J is away at work without a Playstation 3 to ease the "pain". What better ways to drown the "pain" than (coerced into) slogging the pain away (like a prisoner-of-war in Auschwitz desperate to stay alive)?


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