Thursday, March 15, 2007

Uncontactable and love is a strange thing.

J is out at sea and will be uncontactable for 3-4 days. No phonecalls, no emails, no text messages. Nada. He gave me call when the boat left port of Auckland. Owwwww.... I miss him already.

[Well, I ALWAYS miss him.]

-- Giant ship.

It is going to be a rough trip because of the strong winds, and I hope everything will be ok. It is one thing to be apart, but it is quite another when safety is involved. It worries me sick when I think about it.

I think love is a strange thing. It makes you do things you never thought possible. Maybe for some it could be taking an unexpected but genuine interest in Indonesian cooking classes because your special someone loves Indonesian food to no end. Or picking up after your partner even though you never clean up your own room, simply because you love him/her. Or going to the gym with your special someone, even though you have never exercised since you left high school.

It never occurred to me I would CONSTANTLY worry/think about someone. Not to mention that 1 person can bring so much joy to my life. [Note: Just how cliche and lame was that last sentence?! I am cynical. I just don't believe in happily-ever-afters. There is ALWAYS a catch. ] J is now part of my life, and I just somehow cannot see him NOT being part of it.

The number 1, numero uno shocker? I never thought I am the type who could stand being apart in a relationship. Or rather, I never see myself as the type who would stand at the pier (for dramatic illustration only, not that I do that) and gaze out longingly at the sea, waiting and pining for my boyfriend to come back.

Awwwww... the things love make us do.

I shall sign off and go mope/agonize/freak myself out about J's safety now.

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