Sunday, March 11, 2007

Work clothes, combi, nuclear winter and ideas.

Hey people, I have to work tomorrow and I am starting to run out of ideas on what to wear to work.

I would like to be more creative BUT since I have a list of dress codes to follow (on A4 size paper no less), I have not much choice do I? I stick to basics. Boring but at least I won't get fired over polka dot halterneck and pants that reveal my butt crack or something.

[Not saying polka dot halterneck is bad.. but you know... dress codes. And they are very conversative over at my office. I do work with old people people from a different generation, you know.]

I need a cardigan because my office is constantly at 16 degree Celsius or less.

Frankly I believe the management either believes a cold office is a more productive office, or they are preparing us to work even in nuclear winter.

Cold office does not equal productive office.

Half the time I almost succumb to the idea of starting a fire to keep my stiff-from-the-cold fingers and legs that have lost all feeling warm by burning all the documents.

Just how is that productive?


Yay or nay?

[I am going to list the color combi so all you nice folks out there can pick my outfit for Monday. You are all very nice.]


I thought black was too... dark.

Still keeping with the
Navy-Green-Khaki combi.

How about a skirt? Not the best of choice in an office where temperature sometimes are low enough to accomodate penguins. But hey, I can always burn those documents.

Last combi. Navy-Lilac-Khaki.

No big changes. It is hard to pick out more clothes to play dress-ups since most are not ironed. Help?

p.s. Should I start a "Let's Help Rachel Pick Her Workclothes" phase?

p.p.s I am also starting to run out of things to write, therefore the unnecessary post on "What I Should Wear To Work Tomorrow". Ideas, anyone?

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