Monday, April 23, 2007

Super busy, control, under-qualified and studying on the side.

I have been super busy recently. Work and more work. Plus, I am picking up some stuff on the side so I can pepper my resume with big words that can bring in more dough.

There is so much to study, it is just not funny anymore. The things they teach you in uni are worth nothing out here in the real world. C'mon, no one will EVER pay you to write a program that prints out "Hello World!" in Java if it doesn't fulfil some criteria.

My advice to anyone taking Computer Science/Engineering courses? Brush up on your scripting skills. And hardware, computer architecture, L2 cache, RISC and all that RAM/bus/bit calculations = money. Please don't learn that the hard way like I do.

Plus, some company called yesterday about a job in a major institution that I am sooooo under-qualified for. F*ck. The experience and the knowledge required are proprietary as well so you can't find jack on Wikipedia/Google.

Talk about mocked.

Study study study.

p.s. It sucks to have people who want to control your life. Don't you think I'm old enough to decide who I want to see?? Discuss.

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