Thursday, May 31, 2007

Email, phone calls and convincing.

My day started off like this.

-- Half raining!

Today is a public holiday here and I didn't have anything planned. Just thought I should spend the day at home, just chilling out and resting enough to make up for lost sleep.

The day began gloomy. J called. It was not all rosy as I had imagined in my head. We keep each other updated on our lives primarily through email, since he's out at sea and there's no reception out in the wilderness.

I promised to tell him everything, good AND bad so everything that happened at home went into the emails as well. There are just so much you can write in emails and you never know if the tone of the email goes across correctly.

I get to talk to him every 11 days or so, and I do look forward to it. Nothing special in our conversation, just everyday things like how is his day and how are things on my side. It was good to talk to him today. Given the recent hiccups on my end, let's just say no one is happy and it is pretty depressing to know that people think things will not work out for us.

Convincing him that nothing had changed was probably my way of convincing myself that we would get through this mess.

I spent the whole day stewing in my sorrows.

I wonder who is the one who needs all the convincing. I don't think it was all him.

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Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about emails when i was younger I use to write for days and days and things always seemed to get skewed along the way...thats the downfall of those things you take away body language and facial expression.

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