Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feeling down, family, poisoning and back off.

I am feeling down in the dumpster.

My boyfriend is off to work, my family is still unwilling to acknowledge him and wants me to date other people and I still haven't figured out how or when to tell them that I will swing by Gold Coast some time in July to meet his family.

I just don't understand why people just won't get along. J asks me how my family feels towards him, to which I always reply they just don't like his job, and not him personally. It kills me inside everytime I have to answer this. I can't tell him the ENTIRE truth. It hurts.

If only they will take a chance and get to know him.

Mom is going on and on about what will happen if I have kids and unfortunately divorced. How he will never be faithful to me and how no one will be there for me because I'm so far away. Hello? I'm still here and not married. What the fuck is going on? I hate being caught up in all these.

I am not pregnant, married, being cheated on and on my way to a nasty divorce. Why aren't they happy for me? J is wonderful to me. We're still figuring things out and we actually need support from people. And if no one has anything nice to say, please just shut up and stop poisoning me.

I have issues. Everyone who visits this site knows this. I may just snap and just off my balcony. It's a long 25 storeys down and I'm pretty sure I won't survive.

Everyone, just back off if you have nothing nice to say.

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