Monday, May 07, 2007

Imagination, emails, ending, the Marrieds and Stardust.

I didn't know that you, my dear friends, are so interested in my love life. The open ending was meant to get your imagination going wild.

But I received text messages all the way from Aussie (not going to name names, but Jo, I will let you know if ANYTHING happens, ok?) on my phone, and people whom I hardly talk to on MSN messaged me Congrats!/Tell me the ending!/I'm dying of curiosity!/Don't EVER leave the ending hanging!

Wow guys. Just wow.

After realizing that open endings do not sit well with friends, and the behemoth that I had created (please, stop texting me at wee hours in the morning), the ending has been written and posted.


No one is getting married or betraying the sisterhood by joining the Dark Side, the Marrieds.

No. Don't worry. When that time comes, be sure I will be shouting from the mountain tops so all the people in the land will hear about the joyous occasion.

p.s. Has anyone read the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman? Is it me, or is it meant to be a tragic teenage love story set in the meadows that is somewhere near LOTR's Shire? I can't help but feel the story was narrated by Samwise "Gay" Gamgee.

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