Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lonely, sick, hobbies and marital status.

Today is one of those days when I know I am dying to go out of the house, and yet I don't have anywhere to go and no one to go with. It is days like this that makes me sad and makes me feel so lonely.

So many people around, and yet so very lonely.

J is at work and will not be contactable till tomorrow, fingers crossed. I can't do any of my hobbies (my hobbies include shopping and shopping) because I either lack money or inspiration. I can't go shopping since it will be extremely foolish to spend money now when the annual sale starts next Friday.

I considered brushing up on my photography skills, taking photos with my non-SLR crappy Canon camera. But since my SD card is due to be sent to the Master of Recovery (thanks again jalyhoe!) tomorrow, I thought I should not mess with the data inside and overwrite with more photos.

Never thought I could take a picture like this.

-- My little garden. Or what's left of it.

There are also chores to be done around the house. I have been sick for 4 days, so there are dishes, cups, ironing and laundry to be done. But on the account that I'm STILL sick (I'm going to milk this for as long as I can stand the mess), I will wait till I'm better before sorting out my whites and coloreds.

And then there's the jewellery making bit. I feel bad because I actually promised a few friends that I would actually make something for them. And that was probably 2006. Now that almost half of 2007 is over (one of our friends even got married while I procrastinated on everything), it is HIGH time I do something about it. BUT I HAVE NO INSPIRATION!!!

-- What a sparkler!

[That came out wrong. It sounded like I procrastinated on getting married. No no.. No one asked. Yeah.. it is that sad. I didn't get married because I procrastinated (well.. minor detail). ]I didn't get married because NO ONE FRICKIN' ASKED.

I am so helpless and bored. (And unmarried.)


p.s. It is not fun anymore when people around me start the "hey, you should get married! Then you won't be so lonely" talk every other afternoon.

You people are making me nervous about my marital status! Do I look like I'm ready? I still buy Hello Kitty biscuits like the 6 year old girl in the queue behind me. How can I be ready??

p.p.s. On hindsight, getting married can JUSTIFY the Hello Kitty biscuits purchase. "Oh, I'm getting this for my baby niece" or "They are for my very young daughter" should suffice.

p.p.p.s. Ok I should stop now. Good night people!

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