Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Missing photos, stupid Ixus, weepies and data recovery.

I had one of the worst weekends EVER. I was feeling really low about my relationships with people and I thought I would cheer myself up by sorting out the photos I took when I went to the zoo.

And guess what, most of the good photos I took of animals and pictures of J and I went missing mysteriously.

[Seriously I have such contempt for Canon Ixus 750, I wish it will just morph into the Panasonic Lumix FX09 that I lost on my Graduation Tour 2006 in Sydney. ]

I will not wish the Ixus a fiery death (though I secretly wished it just for a second), since that will mean I have lost use of another camera. I will have to fork out YET another sum of money (which will better serve me in the bank or paying off my shopping bills) to buy a camera. This doesn't make sense. I'm broke enough.

-- Camera burning, anyone?

I will just keep my fingers crossed that my Ixus goes through evolution like chimp to man, and turn into a Lumix with anti-shake and a power bar that actually tells me how much battery life I've got.

Is that too much to ask, Canon people??

So yeah, after the loss of precious photos, topped off with the feeling of utter helplessness in my current circumstance, I broke down. Completely. This happened on Sunday afternoon, around 4-ish pm.

-- I'm pretty sure I wailed louder than she did.

By 11+pm, I was still at it. I was exhausted from the crying. As much as my eyes were hurting and burning, I couldn't stop. I had a serious case of the weepies. I didn't know how, but I fell asleep with tears smudged all over my cheeks and I still do not recall HOW I fell asleep.

(Do people cry and sleep at the same time? Or is this one of those "cry yourself to sleep" thing?)

I hope I do not get the weepies again. It is just too tiring. And I'm too old to be making a scene. Good news though, I got my vendors to help me recover the deleted photos from my SD card using their powerful recovery software out of pure goodness overflowing from their hearts. For free. Ain't friendship grand?

[Thanks in advance, jalyhoe!]

Do you get uncontrollable weepies too?

p.s. When the powerful people has recovered my nice photos, I will write something on my trip to the zoo. Gear up for pictures of chimps and polar bears!

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