Friday, May 18, 2007

My lookalikes.

I took a face recognition test quite some time back and I didn't have to guts to post the results here. Mostly because I look like neither of them. But seeing that Mat has done it, I decided to try it again (and again and again till I do not look a dude) just for kicks.

Call me Mysterio, but I am not putting my photo up here.

Taa-daaa!! Just think of me as 1 part Matsu Takako and 1 part Rosario Dawson. Just so you know, 2 beautiful people hardly make a decent good looking one when combined.

Ok I'm off to sleep. My meds are making me woozy. Hope my psychedelic pills make me dream of J tonight!

[That's my meds talking. You know I would NEVER say that out loud in real life. It's just playing in my head, in loop. ]

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