Thursday, May 24, 2007

Recovery, thank you, camera and photos.

Dear God,

Thank you for creating the world, mankind, giraffes, yummy tapas, mojitos, beautiful clothes and something called a "card reader". Without said "card reader", I would have never been able to recover deleted photos from my SD card and I would have spiraled into depression faster than you can say, Big Bang.

Hallelujah for all 102 memories captured as 1-0 bits. (I'm thinking of using snazzy redundant words to describe everyday things. Plus, 1-0 bits? Sooo very technical and binary. Tribute to my roots.)
Hallelujah for smart people who invented card readers.
Hallelujah for freeware from that allows me to recover my precious photos.

The world is now a better place with all my cherished photographs.

Thank you again, God. Till You make my camera screw up again. (Hey You planned everything!)


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