Monday, May 28, 2007

Shopping, posing for photos, letting myself go and messy hair.

Last Tuesday I was feeling down, sad and lonely. I thought I should just go window shopping instead of staying at home and driving myself insane by talking to the walls. And being me, one thing led to another and I ended up buying something.

Check out my new peacoat jacket!

It is sooo cute and I can't wait to wear it. Hehe..

When I saw it, I went a little mad. It is soooo Burberry Prorsum 2007. Check out the puffy sleeves.

-- Trenchcoat with puffy sleeves

I think the trenchcoat looks cute. But being stuck in the tropics, I will die of heat stroke should I add this cute coat to my everyday outfit. Sometimes, sacrifices for fashion = death.

And I'm not ready to die.

-- Cropped jacket with puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves are not as ridiculous as I thought it would be. It actually looks quite cute in real life. =)

Got a wrap top in navy too.

-- My chest x-ray pose.

I am not good at posing for photos. I just stand still like I'm having my X-ray taken but what the heck, the top is the focus so let's just ignore the fact that I look awkward, shall we?

I am getting sick of my work clothes. Wear, wash and repeat. It is starting to look like I'm letting myself go by not paying much attention to my dressing. I do not look professional at all when I wear my jumper 2 days out of 5 because I am too lazy to iron my run out of shirts.

-- Everyday is NOT Casual Friday.

Wrap top is a good transition. I actually got complimented when I wore this to the office! The guys actually said "Hey you look nice." And that means a lot to me, since guys hardly notice clothing/shoes/bags AT ALL. Plus, they always make fun of how my hair is messy. Hey, I can't help it if my hair decides to go all wavy on me when I let go of my ponytail, right? Right?

I am starting to enjoy shopping again. My flats look pretty beaten up. Next up, I need a pair of cute flats for work!

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