Friday, June 01, 2007

1 year anniversary.

This week has been unbelievably taxing. My mind has been bogged down by what happened at home, servers decided to die on a public holiday, and higher powers are NOT happy that the incident was not flagged up immediately.

This weekend is not going to be a cheery one.

It has been a year since my aunt has left. It has been extremely lonely and depressing without her. I miss her heaps and every time I am reminded that she is no longer around, it feels like an incredible gloom is weighing down on me. I choke with sadness. I can't imagine how it feels like for the rest of the family, but I still find it hard to believe she's gone.

She was the one I confided in. She understood, and when she didn't, she was objective and open to new ideas. She might not be comfortable, she might not even agree but she encouraged me nonetheless. I remember her words clearly, telling me that people will eventually be happy for me if I am happy.

I feel so lost and alone at the minute.

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