Friday, June 08, 2007

Poolside wedding, Lays, dinner and my menu.

There was a wedding dinner by the poolside yesterday evening. I guess the event started at about 8pm, because that was when the merriment began. I heard people making speeches and beautiful romantic music all the way on the 25th floor. I walked to the balcony, climbed onto the ledge a little and peered over.

It was a beautiful wedding. Not that I know the happy couple BUT the fairy lights by the pool was great. I figured it was not one of those wedding dinner disasters where you sit around drinking tea TILL everyone arrives by 9pm when the dinner starts at 7pm. Seriously, what the deuce!? I was wondering what the lucky guests were munching on while I made a meal out of Lays.

Scratch the "poolside barbeque" theme from my wishlist. "Poolside dinner" is awesome.

-- Better lit would be great

French music (think La Vie En Rose) + Louis Armstrong music. Old school.
Assorted appetisers. Think d'oeuvres. Mouthful of bliss each time.
Scallops mornay, with a sprinkling of bacon and chopped chives.
Baked cod with a side of greens.
Sashimi and aburi sushi as main.
Tandoori chicken and papadums.
Ice cream, tiramisu, pancakes with fresh strawberries/banana and cream, and fruits.

It's going to be all that I love to eat. Woohoo!

I'm going mad from hunger. I need food.

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