Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Black ninja, stupid shite and team work.

Sometimes I wonder if the Black Ninja (previously known as Semi Overlord) knows what exactly is he talking about when he opens his mouth.

-- On his way out of the office.

Or when he texts me when I was in a meeting.

"Who is on the later shift today? Are you in the office? The phone is ringing non stop. Where is Joseph? There's someone looking for him."


As a Semi Overlord, the least he can do is to KNOW which shifts his team is working. If 1 is around after 3pm, that's the guy doing the later shift. So logically and mathematically speaking (since there are only 2 of us), that makes the other person on the early shift since there are only 2 poor souls on rotation.

How hard is it to decipher that?

-- Ugliest pie chart known to man.

If 1 is A, the other must be B.

And I'm not a sheepdog rounding up the entire office, keeping track of who's around and who's not. Plus, he could jolly well message Joseph. I don't have a GPS tracker strapped on each guy's ankle. I don't know where everyone is.

-- My office.. full of ninjas in training!

When I went back to the office at 5pm after my meeting (note that I was working overtime and I am NOT paid for this), he approached me and repeated the same message,

"Where's everyone? The phone was ringing nonstop and it's very irritating you know. Why are people calling the team? They can email, right? We are not helpdesk you know. You should tell them to stop calling and just drop us an email."
"Well I was at a meeting. I just got back. By the way, I don't know who is calling the team, I don't know what they are calling for. I'm sure they will email us. I am going home now."

I mean, how the fuck would I know who's calling IF I WAS NOT THERE? It's not as if we have caller ID or I can tell people to stop fucking crank calling us. And for god's sake, answer the damn phone if you are around and stop bitching about how irritating the ringing is.


-- Baked, not fried.

I don't want to go all ballistic at the Black Ninja. But for someone who considers covering up for his absence at work 3 out of 5 days a week the very essence of TEAM WORK, he should go f*ck himself and f*ck off.

p.s. Why Black Ninja you ask? Well he has the ability to show up for work at 11am, and then disappear within 15 minutes without ANYONE noticing. No smoke bomb as smokescreen as well. And not fired yet. Amazing.

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