Friday, July 27, 2007

Random insights into my life.

I have a headache that has lasted for 4 days. It feels like someone has whacked me on the back of my head and it is driving me craaaaaaazy.

4 ulcers in my mouth. I bit myself twice. Now I eat and talk funny.

I bought 2 copies of Harry Potter 7. There are 3 copies of Harry Potter 7 in my household.

I am at page 87. Tell me the plot/story/anything from the book and you may just see your life flash before your eyes.

I may be drinking waaaay too much tea (and/or) coffee and my teeth are actually aching to make me stop.

It is raining everyday and my washing just won't dry. Give me another 5 days and I will officially run out of clothes.

I miss my boyfriend so much, it may be the reason why my head will not stop hurting. I can't think of another reason why.

The Simpsons Movie is out but I have no time to catch it yet.

Homer J Simpson may just be the greatest hero in my life.

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