Thursday, August 16, 2007

Email waiting game, divorce and good reasons to marry.

J has yet to email me. I am about to go mad from all this waiting (3.5 days). It feels exactly the same when a guy says he would call, but he did not, or he called 3 days later. It sucks.

-- I don't sleep next to my mobile, but my laptop with Outlook Express set to check every 2 minutes.

Guys, this 3-day waiting game you play DOES NOT up the ladies' interest factor. You just look like an irresponsible adult who forgets and has your attention focused elsewhere. Like some other girls. When you say you'd call, call. Maximum gap = the next day. She just gets mad from waiting, ok?

-- Murder waiting to happen when she tracks him down.

On another relationship topic, a friend's friend has decided to separate from her husband of 5 years. Because her husband finally gave in after she spent the last 4 years trying to divorce him.


Sigh.. why do people get married in the first place if they are not sure?

Some marry because it is the "next step forward". Some marry to start their lives together. Some marry because they have been together long enough. Some marry because of peer pressure.

Is that really a good reason to say "I do"?

Getting married because you love each other.
Getting married because you want to start your lives together.
Getting married because you cannot imagine not marrying him/her.
Getting married because you want to spend the rest of your lives together and no one else.

These are pretty good reasons. Edit: After you guys have worked out which city/state/country to stay in, kind of housing, housing loan, budget, number of children to have, pet or no pets, lcd or plasma tv, lcd or plasma or no tv in the bedroom, is she going to continue working, date night or not, who's taking out the garbage and which car to get.

Good luck.

Update: J emailed me at 9pm. Everytime I whine about something, it happens right after. Thanks for making me feel bad, Lady Luck.

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