Monday, August 13, 2007

Fashion advice from men.

Some men know fashion.

-- Marc Jacobs.

And clearly a lot don't.

Just yesterday when I was spending some time with friends (my ex-colleagues, who somehow made the progression from ex-colleagues to friends-you-hang-out-with-when-all-options-fail (just kidding guys!), to your regular stable of friends), I was advised to get a new hairstyle, frameless specs if I am really that put off by Lasik/contact lenses, push up bras and grown up clothes.

Well well well.

I have medium length hair, best described as the "Jennifer Aniston" 'do.

No matter what I do to it, it always ends up looking the same. It almost appeared like I was not putting in an effort anymore. Eventually I stopped trying, and just settled for a trim. I mean to look the same after shearing layers and snipping god knows how much hair off my head, that sucks. I feel Jen's pain.

Was I reaching for the stars here? Apparently I was.

I was recommended the Victoria Beckham/Hebe haircut by the guys.


I'm gravitating towards Katie Holmes' haircut. Short, fuss free and it looks good even when it's messy.

I can even not brush it!

-- Suri is adoooooorable.

But it IS a little too mum-sy, don't you agree? =/

Well I'm not going for Lasik so there's that. Frameless specs? I'll think about it. But what's wrong with my current ones? J has no problems with these. We are specs buddies.

Now moving on to clothes.

Nothing against dresses but seriously, I'm not THAT old ok?

It doesn't look age appropriate. Why age myself?? Do men really know what they are talking about, or are they just messing around at my expense?

I think I should talk to my gal pals should I need a new hairstyle and new wardrobe.


Anyway my point is, I welcome all makeover/"better myself" suggestions. It is quite another to receive trashy fashion advice from guys who do not know better. It is likely that I will, while sitting quietly on the edge of my bed, in the deafening silence in my room with a bottle of cheap warm beer in my hand, a pair of blunt scissors lying among freshly cut hair, WONDER to myself, why did I take up their advice?

-- I understand your pain, dude.

Talk about painting a picture.

-- Gives new meaning to shiteous haircut

I think the only person I have to please is myself. If I like my boring Aniston 'do, so be it. If I like simple clothes without mad crazy prints, so be it. There is no point changing myself if I don't like it.

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