Friday, August 10, 2007

Freedom of speech, facts, boyfriend and presumptions.

Freedom of speech. I strongly believe in it, and I think people should get their facts straight before jumping to silly conclusions that put them in very bad light. Oh I don't know, maybe being the conniving little sneak who whispers horrible stories to your family?

It stings and more often than not, people want to refute claims they deem malicious. Like I do today.

Some relative told my mom that she saw me holding hands with a guy, window shopping at a mall. Apparently she told my mom I saw her and avoided her.

I find that incredibly strange.

J is so far far away that the last time we held hands and done any window shopping in Singapore was May. I haven't been holding someone else's hands recently. Gawd how I wish J were here! We could then REALLY hold hands and walk down the street, just being with each other. He could play with my pinkie and nag at how I should stop biting my nails and ....

Anyway before I go off and gush more about J, I don't get why I would avoid her should I see her on the street. I don't find anything wrong with J and I going out, so why would I bother to run and hide when spotted? I believe in graciousness, saying hi and going on our merry way, instead of hiding and giving rise to stupid remarks from stupid relative who is so presumptuous about my supposed intention to avoid her.

What, is going out with someone outside my race THAT much of a big deal? Is is such a juicy gossip that you called up my mom and sprang it up her? And who in turn, spring it on me?

Shame on you.

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