Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going to work on Saturday evening.

Hullo my munchkins!

I am not dead nor have I been stranded on some unnamed island, where mysterious hatches are concealed and I have to punch in a code every 108 minutes before something bad happens.

Then again, it is not that far from the truth either.

Work has been hell. Server and application meltdown. To describe it better, it is like how your Windows OS is fugging up. You usually turn it on, and it will be ok. Now, it refuses to start and on the occasion that it does, the blue screen on death appears. You don't know if Windows is just f8rked up, or the application you installed is fugging you over.

-- Blue screen of death

Things can't be much peachier than this.

I have been working overtime 3 days in row, and I have to go back to office in an hour's time at 5.30pm. On a weekend. And that makes it the 4th weekend that I have to work.

Slave drivers.

Till things settle down, take care and keep me in your prayers.


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