Saturday, September 22, 2007

Airport, policemen, little notes and treasure hunt.

J left for work yesterday and naturally, it was a sad time for both of us.

We got there 2 hours before departure like how the Qantas lady told us over the phone. Check in took less than 10 minutes and this group of men who looked like rockers in a band was in the next line.

[It turned out to be Chris Daughtry and his entourage. Didn't know till 5 screaming girls wanted to take a photo with him while he was right in front of us at the departure gate. \o.O/ *throws arms up in air in exasperation* ]

It was at least another good hour before J had to walk through the departure gate to the immigration. We sat in a little corner in the cafe, sipping a large cup of coffee.

-- These are baby sized coffees. Ours were probably Starbucks Venti sized.

It was at this moment that we realised words fail us. We didn't know what to say to make things better. It cannot be helped that he had to go back to work. I can't go along because I have to work as well. Holding hands was probably the best thing to do.

It came to the time when we had to say our goodbyes. I stood at the departure gate while he queued at the immigration, and all that separated us was a piece of glass. And policemen with rifles. I don't think trespassing at the airport is the best idea ever.

-- A bloodbath is probably not the best outcome.

I went home all depressed and mopey.

As with all our goodbyes, J leaves little things at my place when he leaves for work. I have found 9 little notes so far. The one that made me laughed was hidden inside my pack of Kraft Singles. The note got a bit soggy from the moisture but it was still genius.

-- Hide and seek, anyone?

I am not going to turn my place upside down to look for the last note since they were "supposed to last me for weeks so I will constantly find little surprises". I usually find them all in a day. So this time, I'm going to just discover them by accident. So far I've had 9 accidental discoveries.

I love little treasure hunts.

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