Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fashion, ethereal dresses and unfortunate skin tone.

Although I have not written much on fashion and shopping for ages, it doesn't mean that I am not into it anymore. I still read fashion magazines, blogs, websites and occasionally people watch. I like reading about it, but I just couldn't write. I had nothing.

I am still the same old me, always complaining of not having the right clothes everyday before I head off to work. I still adore classic timeless pieces. I am still not "feeling it" for retro prints and chunky necklaces. It is too.... fickle and now.

But now that I am beginning to feel the itch to make little earrings and accessories, and perhaps have a little revamp of my wardrobe, more fashion and shopping posts may follow.


I love nude colored clothes. They look so effortless, almost ethereal and other worldly.

I can probably spend a long time just gazing at them sashaying towards me like goddesses. Soooooo enthralling!

-- Pouffy hem!

-- Loving the hem of the skirt! Little details make all the difference in the world.

I can wear the color, but maybe as a separate. Head to toe nude may make a person look sallow, and unless you have a creamy vanilla complexion and skin tone like the models, nude almost always do not work so well on everyday people.

On almost the same earth tone palette, I think burnt orange is a beautiful color.

Again, it will look as if the top swallowed me. Sigh.. if only we can wear the colors we want!

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