Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Girls' school II - Revenge of the Nerds.

I know it is a little late but at least you are going to know what happened to Average Girl and "Did she meet her boyfriend on mIRC" Girl.

A little background on the girls before I rant on.

"Did she meet her boyfriend on mIRC" Girl was the biggest nerd bookworm in the class. She was the president for the Biology Club, on the committee for the Astronomy Society, and if I remember correctly, the president for the Medical Society. That is saying a lot since we were only 16 and none of us knew jack about bacteria and all things medical.

"DSMHBOM" Girl was not excellent in sports. She was not pretty not popular. She was a little mousey and her only pride came from her participation in various science-y debates. Real conversation/mood killer. No one was as into white dwarf (the star) as much as her.

She was all your bookworm stereotype come true.

Was it jealousy or just plain tactlessness that she made the comment? No one knew. For a 16 year old, it must be really insulting to hear that she needed to get a boyfriend through an online chatroom. Like announcing her undesirability on a blimp over a crowded stadium.

All the girls went their separate ways after graduation, and I don't know what happened to "DSMHBOM" Girl. I think she must have published some paper on either black holes, molecules or some discovery on some really funky bacteria. I mean this in a good way. Hey, at least she has a paper published. What do the rest of us have to show?


As for Average Girl aka "The Unattractive Girl Who Has To Wait Till A Guy Discovers Her Inner Beauty", that was me. To find out more, please read the whole blog from May 2004 onwards.

That's what happened to her. Thus far.

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