Sunday, September 02, 2007

Not pretty, Disney, fairytales and good ol' animation.

I went to a girls' school during my teenage years. It wasn't catty, there was no animosity between the girls. It was almost Enid Blyton's St Anne's. But without lacrosse and extremely Communist. Conformity was the norm and I suffocated.

I remembered this conversation between my girl friends. A popular girl, very pretty no less, recently had a boyfriend. This raised much interest, being the 15 year old girls that we were. 1 girl, not as popular nor pretty nor a sportswoman, just a normal girl in a class of 30, wondered out loud if she met the boy online in some chatroom. Naturally she was not met with much friendliness after those words.

The girl sitting in front of me, Jo, said that teenage boys will go after pretty girls like Anna, but will settle down with girls like me when they grow up. I didn't say a word and went about my own business.

Well well well.

Does that mean I'm bloody fugly or something? Does that mean ugly girls win in the end? The ultimate balance in the world? The fairytale with a twist? The girl who has to wait around till a man, handsome no less, discovers her "inner beauty"?

I am amused at the thought of this. Such a callous remark, made without much malice (I hope) and I wonder if she gave any thought before she said it.


On the topic of fairytales, doesn't this bring back fond memories?

And who would have thought a crab with great conductor skills can send subliminal messages to make a prince fall in love with a mute girl?

"and you don't know why but you're dyin to try, you wanna kiss the girl"

For all relationship problems, dial 1800-Sebastian. Personalized theme songs and marine life accompaniment each sold separately.

When I was little, I read my mother's copy of The Little Mermaid. It was small pocket book, will beautiful faded pictures on every other page. The mermaid looked cherubic.

The thing is, The Little Mermaid did not have a happy ending. She did not marry the Prince and lived happily ever after. She had a grandma, the king aka dad and 5 sisters. No crabs. No fish friends.

The Prince mistook another fair maiden as his saviour, and fell in love. The mermaid's 5 sisters chopped off their locks and made a bargain with the sea witch, and got her a dagger. If she plunged that dagger into the Prince's heart, she would be able to return the her family. The Prince married someone else, and unable to kill the one she loved, she killed herself and jumped into the sea, turning into sea foam.

Unrequited love.

The same goes for Beauty and the Beast.

Belle had 2 sisters, and when her father went away for business, they asked for pretty dresses and jewelry. Belle asked for a single rose. Her father stayed in the Beast's castle during one stormy night, and plucked a beautiful rose from his garden for Belle, ergo setting the scene for the rest of the story.

There was no Gaston nor Lumiere. And I'm not even sure Belle's name is Belle.

Do you prefer the original stories, or the simpler version that Disney fed us?

Gawd I want to watch the cartoons now. I don't like the cartoons nowadays. They are no longer as beautifully drawn compared to these classics. Just look at Tarzan. Eugh.

p.s. I'll try to write without digressing next time. I promise I'll try.

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