Friday, September 28, 2007

Progress, wrong focus and state of the world.

I always believed that we human beings are capable of more, and much better things. If we managed to walk on 2, invent the wheel and build pyramids without machines a few thousand years ago, surely we can come up with something groundbreaking now.

Especially now that we have fancy computers that can draw architectural stuff like floor plans and powerful machines to do all the heavy lifting.

But instead we celebrate all the Britneys, Justins, Lindsays, Paris-es and the newest iPods around. We seem to be focused on who's acting up recently and what's the newest gadget (among the pile of similar toys that do almost the same thing we already own) we can lay our paws on.

-- Gawd, I will kill for a Hermes Birkin bag. But I will kill for a lot less, like a pretty iPod. That just shows how little I'd kill for.

On 1 hand, we (may) have Tom Cruise spearheading what must be one of the finest civilian* underground alien invasion shelter.

Cruise planning to build alien invasion shelter: reports

[*I am not excluding the possibility of some really paranoid governments building an underground shelter the size of a city JUST IN CASE the aliens decide to take over the world.

Did no one watch "War of the Worlds" or "Planet of the Apes"? It CAN happen to us. Remote possibility but still a possibility.
I'm an optimist like that.]

What groundbreaking stuff have we come up with? What about all the people who are oppressed?

"I thought of the two Burmese youth shivering with fear, kneeling at gunpoint—and the sickly smell of bones and tombs swept over me again."

-- Melinda Liu, Newsweek
Updated: 1:49 p.m. ET Sept. 26, 2007

The state of the world.

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