Thursday, September 27, 2007

Running out of ideas.

I was chatting with Yern a couple of days ago, lamenting about how I am running low on ideas on what to write here. I am spent.

Work is still shiteous, and I don't have much of a life outside of work since
  1. J is not here,
  2. I'm as tired as Britney's weave-on,
  3. my impossibly erratic schedule prevents me from making any kind of appointment.

Yern suggested that I write about what happened when J was visiting. Say, the day at the zoo. I think it's a great idea, plus we (read: I) took lots of photos throughout the day and it would be nice for people to see some awesome photos instead of wordy and boring post.

On the other hand, this blog will truly become "When J Was Here" or "The things that J said and did". Part of the feminist me is screaming "Noooooooooo!!!" I am losing another outlet, another private space to someone. And in the end, I may end up more lost and a very depressed person who is so angry and mad at the world but has no one/place to let it out. It is not healthy. Plus, that would mean I am giving up something private. The little things will not be as special or our little secret since people can read about it here.

[Again, I'm assuming that the 10 of you who read this space will go forth and spread the word.]

Maybe I'll write about the places J and I visited. We spent almost 3 weeks in Singapore so we did quite a few touristy things. That should be interesting. I have never visited those places even though I am currently residing in Singapore. I guess people often overlook the little museum they pass by everyday while complaining how about how their city is just another big shopping mall.

Will try to write when I get all my pictures organised. Coming to a theatre near you!

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