Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Shopping, fear and beautiful.

We went to the shop, holding hands as we stepped in. It was scary and uncomfortable, and it wasn't how I thought it would feel like when it came to that.

The lady stood expectantly behind the counter, smiling at us. She didn't smile as if she knew something wonderful was about to happen. It was more the "always smile at your customers" smile the company must have sent them for training for. We were probably 2 poor kids looking around in an expensive section of the shop.

I pointed at the display. She fished it out and placed it ever so carefully on the little pillow before gently nudging the pillow towards me.

I was overcome with fear and nerves. God is this it? Do I really have to? This is it, right? oh no oh no oh no... Encouraged by J, and in my little attempt not to make a bigger fool out of myself and J, I put it on.

Tiny, unassuming, simple and beautiful.

I slid it off quickly, and put it back on the pillow. She took another out and I put that on. It was the scariest moment in my life. So far.

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