Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Burfday pressie, choices and all I want for my burfday is...

The time has come for "A Birthday Present From Me to Me". It is going to be my burfday in 13 days' time. Being an independent woman who earns her own paycheck, what shall I get for me?

1. A spanking new phone

I'm thinking about getting the Samsung U600 or the U700. Ever since my Motorola V3 died on me, say thrice in the past 4 days. The screen just gives up every few hours or so and it drives me crazy. Right now, the outer screen is blank. Awesome. Not.

I mean what good is a mobile phone if I can't read what numbers I'm punching in? Worse, who is calling me right now?

2. A pretty organiser

A pretty organiser, or agenda as the Louis Vuitton people call it. I need one, but not one that is so expensive.

Suhali agenda in plum!!! Just how pretty is this? About as pretty as US$430 before tax.

And I came across a very sweet picture while scouring the LV website for the agenda.

Is there any greater journey than love?

Wow. So a trip to Louis Vuitton with your loved one MUST be a journey of love. If Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff think so, it must be so. Nice.

3. Bejeweled gladiator sandals.

If Romans wore sandals to war and conquered the world, can you imagine what bejeweled sandals can do?? I'm just "convincing" myself how wonderful they are and how much I need them.

4. Lovely lovely bracelets / bangles.

Coach, Tod's, Hermes and of course Tiffany have very pretty ones. But do I need to spend a few hundred dollars on something I occasionally put on my wrist? Not really.

But they are so preeeeeety.

5. Beautiful threads.

One lump sum to spend on clothes I lurve. Maybe some on those bendy shoes Tod's carry.

Or any cute bendy shoes since I don't think paying hundreds of dollars for bendy shoes that tread on dirt is a financially sensible decision.

6. Nintendo Wii.

I am keeping the console, and J can wear this t-shirt. Best arrangement ever.

7. Another holiday.

Hey, my birthday present last year was a trip to Spain. (Palma rocks!!!) I can't think of anything to beat that now. So J, how are you planning to out-do yourself this year? He spoilt his own market and I'm not helping. Hehe.

I kid, I kid. It would be nice to have him around for my birthday this year. I don't really need to go on another fancy holiday just because it's my burfday.

Choices choices choices!!!

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