Friday, October 26, 2007

Customising Labels for my posts.

Currently is on the brink of a revamp. I am going to start using labels on posts. It is extremely frustrating, since I'm on a Classic Template heavily edited with html all over the place. Labels is not part of the Classic Template. Fug.

For example, the label is placed RIGHT AFTER the post. I find it a little too distracting, considering the font, font color and whatnot for the author, timestamp etc are too small.

I want to place the label at the end of the entire post, not at the end of the body. It is something as simple as shifting the code elsewhere but because I'm on template mode, I can't find that line.
After checking the source, I found out that the label is placed div class "post-body". Just follow the pink arrow and you will see it. Oh right, the f#@king line is just too long for the attribute to be displayed.

I'm trying to put it UNDER, where the circled bit is. And maybe include a drop down menu on the sidebar to organise the labels, which I can totally foresee to grow like a weed. Just why is that so hard, I simply cannot understand.

I mean, I can just let the whole thing go and just tweak the html to accomodate and *try* to put Labels elsewhere with a different font size. Or I can just throw in the towel and switch to the Layout mode, courtesy of But I will lose the layout of the blog right now. I've grown fond of the current layout and it would take a lot for me to undo it all. =/

I'm going to *try* and tweak the html bit as best as I can. Till then, please leave a message if you have any idea on how to do this Label thing.


26 October 07 2:14pm
I have fixed this! To find out how, you can get it from here.

A simple chunk of code and problem solved. Not especially elegant, since it's hardcoded to shift 40 pixels down. But hey, so far so good. Not complaining at all. =)

Next stop, drop down menu!

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