Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day off, Maccas, movies and terrorizing lizard.

I took a day off on Thursday to get my employment pass in order, now that I have switched employer. I am still at my old job, so it’s more of a formality more than anything.

I’m still paid peanuts and I wish they were worthless peanuts so I could hurl them in the company’s face. But as much as I would love to, these peanuts pay for my food and retail therapy, which I need because of the hurt and pain the office has caused me. It is a vicious cycle.

I had Maccas breakfast on a weekday- pure luxury! I don’t have Sausage McMuffin with Egg often and it was wonderful as I sunk my teeth into the overly processed meat patty. Plus guess what I was watching while I devour my muffin and hash brown? Harry Potter 5.

[Movie review will follow soon.]

It was great to have time for myself. Be it strolling down the shopping district and people-watch while I sipped my large cup of café mocha and nibbled on little canapés. Really. So French. Day off rocks.

Met my cousin in town and shopped around HMV for dvds. It is still a pretty foreign thing to me, paying premium prices for shiteous crap like "Open Season". J paid for it and I still have it at my place. I would rather stuff a melon down my throat than to pay for things like "Barnyard – The Original Party Animals".

Doesn’t it look painful? It probably is.

In the end we got "4 Weddings and a Funeral", "The Last Emperor" and "Top Gun". "Top Gun" mostly because I loved it as a kid and for sh*t and giggles, I am so going to remember the whole "you can be my wingman anytime" conversation.

[Again, movie reviews to follow.]

Anyway I have been terrorized by a lizard for almost a week. I saw it in my cabinet and got a lizard trap which I didn’t know people actually make till Nick told me. Laid the trap and saw something in there. I thought it was just a tail, you know the effing 4 Legs broke its tail to escape? Upon closer inspection, it’s a curled up lizard.

Wonderful. Just let me throw up now.

Then when did I get a new one which just scampered behind the f#@king fridge?
Wasn’t it just one?!

Laid a trap for the new bugger. Well, no hard feelings towards the little bugger but I can’t have it/them skulking around my cabinets can I?

What if they scurry down my arm while I reach for the last packet of instant noodles all the way at the back of the cabinet?

What if it/they poo or fall on me while I go about my business?

I may have to scrub my skin raw and even then it may not be enough

Well that’s enough lizard stories for a post. Let me work on my movie one so at least the lizard post won’t be the first one you read.

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