Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New phone, Samsung U700 and why I didn't get an iPhone.

Recently my Motorola V3 got all cranky and I decided to retire it. This was a tough call, since I really really love my V3 in all its slim glory. But really, it was getting annoying when the screens wouldn't come up, and people couldn't call or text me on days. It just gave up receiving all that on a whim.

I thought about getting the Motorola V8 but if I am going to pay $600 for something similar with just a different color on the outside, I might as well spend it on something new and different. In desperation the end, I bought a new phone. The Samsung U700.

It has touch-sensitive buttons beneath the display so the main screen is cluttered with buttons everywhere. This is cool, but it takes some getting used to. You don't really want to make a video call every time you try to scroll through your phonebook, do you? Anyway Teddy loves it, and so do I.

-- My fingerprint magnet.

[I talk to my toys.. I know how that looks. =/]

It is slim and it makes calls, so that's enough for me. I thought about getting an iPhone but it will not be covered under warranty once it is out of the USA. Plus, Apple released a nasty iTunes update that will brick the phone and all you have left is a pretty thing that does not work. That's almost $1000 down the drain if you ask me. I am not about to risk my $1000 on a pretty phone Apple doesn't want to sell to me.

I know it is gorgeous. But besides the warranty and bricking issues, there is the battery. Unlike conventional phones, iPhone does not have a battery you can just buy off the shelf and replace on your own. It has to go back to the Apple store, and the magic elves will replace the battery for you at a premium price.

-- Windows on Apple? Wooooooo...

With so many downsides to owning an iPhone outside of the US, it really doesn't make much sense to buy one. At least not until the official launch in Asia, and AFTER they tweak the phone.

Because honestly why would you get a phone that
  • only works with 1 carrier
  • can't use cool and nifty 3rd party applications that fully utilises the phone BEST to YOUR needs
  • is controlled by Apple via iTunes and who knows when they decide to brick your phone
  • you can't change the battery in 5 minutes because only the Apple elves are "authorised" to do it.

-- Super Mario Bros. on iPhone? Awesome.

Until all these issues (that I am concerned about) are resolved, I will remain an admirer, not an owner, of the iPhone.


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