Friday, October 19, 2007

Shopping for organisers, functional and beautiful.

It's mid October and 2008 will be here soon. I need a new personal organiser. There are many other gadgets out there that do the same thing, be it a PDA or phones with built-in organisers. But I still like writing things, personalizing it with all my stickers (I'm still a child, I know), post-its and photos.

I just like writing it down, and flipping the pages to find out when my next appointment is, or whose birthday is just around the corner. I can also find out where I went when J was here. I write down everything single thing, down to the time if I can.

But now, the time has come for me to get a new one. (Shopping!!!! *Suddenly I have a direction in life*)

I looked around and all I could find is (Yes, "is". It is in present tense because it is STILL true.) ugly as hell organisers from Filofax. I'm sure Filofax makes pretty decent organisers, judging from their website. What puzzles me is why the local stockists in Singapore would bulk order just the ugly ones.

Why can't they get organisers from Japan like they used to?

So very pretty.

My old one is a Japanese one. I have had it since I was 18 and it is very dear to me. It doesn't look like an organiser, since it has a zipper all around it instead of the usual magnetic buckle thing. I have addresses, notes, appointments written, photographs of friends and one of those instant photographs of J in my organiser. I bring it everywhere with me.

Pretty floral ones.

From !!!

It is a pity it's a spiral one. I can't refill it, I have to buy a new one every year and does that mean I have to keep 1 notebook a year? =/

Not business-y.

Functional yet slim and sleek. With little zippers, pockets and card slots for all my stuff. Loving it!

And not thick and fat and heavy like a brick. See, it is like an artist's notebook, filled with photos, little notes and random things. It even opens up like an artist's notebook.

Complete with a little zipper at the back so my little knick knacks won't fall out!

How can it be this hard to find something functional and beautifully designed?

I am going to hunt for an organiser that I like. I have till 2008. Or at least till I miss something important. Does anyone know where to find organisers in Singapore? Or at least online and get them to ship it here?

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