Tuesday, November 06, 2007

While J was here: Weekend brekkie edition.

J flew over to celebrate my burfday with me. It was nice to have him around, especially when it's my burfday and things haven't been going that well in my life.

We went to East Coast Park early Saturday morning for a spot of brekkie. It was amazing to see the park crowded with families. There were lots of people walking their dogs, people rollerblading and joggers. There were quite a few tents by the beach too, must have been campers who decided to get out of the shoeboxes they live in for a bit of seabreeze.

-- East Coast Park

We settled nicely at Coffee Bean, and this was a hard decision. Scruffy Murphy's serves brekkie too and scrambled eggs, sausages and warm toasted bread with yummy jams beckoned. We would have picked Scruffy Murphy's if the place hadn't been crowded with the breakfast people.

-- Scruffy Murphy's at night. Found the photo online.

It was sweet. It has been a while since we both had breakfast together, sipping hot coffee (tea for me) while lazily flipping the pages of the newspapers. It was great to be in his company, by his side.

-- We sound like a bunch of old people, don't we?

I got breakfast in bed on Sunday. Hotcakes from Maccas! My gawd, it feels awesome to be waited on hand and foot.

Great weekend! =)

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