Monday, November 19, 2007

Inflation, bills, flat hunt and relocation.

House hunting sucks big time. Prices have been skyrocketing in Singapore and a lousy room is going for $600 (before utilities)! Sydney prices (that I used to pay) but not Sydney quality. What a load of bollocks.

Since I'm about to go broke, I am going to cut down on a lot of unnecessary expenses. No more yummy food at nice restaurants and cafes. No more shopping. I don't need that cute green dress with jewel embellished hem as much as I need to pay the bills, do I?

*Sobs uncontrollably*

As I languish in my misery, impending bankruptcy and doom, I can't help but think, why is all this happening to me?

When I was a student, graduation means getting a job, which will in turn get me money that I can spend and save. Right now, my pay is not increasing as fast as inflation. Petrol prices are killing me, I have bills due and with new expenses like rent and utilities adding to my agony, I don't know how I will ever be able to afford buying anything at all.

Why has it come to this?

I am not spending heaps on shopping or eating at pricey restaurants everyday. I don't splurge all my money on frivolous stuff. It almost feels like I'm about to go so broke that I have to ask my parents for a handout, which is not what I'm about to do. I thought the whole point of working is to NOT ask for a handout? This blows.

I am disgusted and very disappointed at how all these adulthood and job thing turn out. It is entirely different from what your parents tell you. "Work, save and by 30, you should be able to put a deposit on an apartment." Total bullshit.

Deposit on a bicycle maybe. But a $400k apartment? Wake up and smell the air of inflation, dudes and dudettes. We're lucky if we don't end up pitching a tent at the local park.

[Really. Some people in Tokyo can't afford housing, so they pitch tents at the park. Just google "tokyo + tent + park" and you'll know I'm not kidding.]

So dejected. It just doesn't make sense to stay in a company/country that only looks after its own annual profit and doesn't look out for you.

I am beginning to not accept what's been thrown at my direction. Perhaps it is time to consider relocation again.

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