Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Life, et cetera.

Just a mini update of my life.

  • I'm about to be homeless. I'm looking for a flat to rent.
  • Have you looked at how much it is to rent nowadays?! $700 for a dingy little room! Frick.
  • Kind government has sent me my vehicle licence renewal notice. That's $800 for 12 mths. Double frick.
  • Not to mention the good insurance people are going to send me a notice soon. That's $2000. Triple frickity frick frick.
  • Oh, petrol prices are at an all time high. $2/litre. So I pay an extra $10-$15 every time I refuel it to full tank.
  • And for my health's sake, I intend to get jabbed with that HPV vaccine, Gardasil. For prevention of cervical cancer = $1200.
  • Pretty stressed out about being homeless/strapped for cash.
  • I'm down with the flu.
  • I heard my right ankle crunch today. It sounded like sand being crushed between the joints at my ankle. I think it's bye-bye heels till further notice.

Lordy me. I am really quite troubled these days. =(

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