Monday, November 26, 2007

On Facebook and friends.

I have a Facebook account, and I'm not exactly proud of the number of hours I spent throwing pies, buying rounds of drinks (about 112 now) and sending mysterious eggs to my friends. The thing is, acquaintances are adding me to their list, and I'm not sure I want them on mine.

-- Poke me! Rrrrrrrrrrrr

Honestly I just want to keep in contact with friends whom I am familiar with. I really don't want to include people from my class in middle school whom I don't remember talking to when I was 15. 11 years on, I don't think I am going to start talking to them now.

And my best friend when I was 14? I would love to talk to her, reminisce about our pyjama parties and sleepovers, and how she has been all these years. But she seems to NOT want to talk to me. I don't know... is it because it has been 8 years since we last met? I don't know.

Somehow I feel that for some people, Facebook and all other networking social websites are a popularity game. Suddenly we have regressed from the jaded almost 30-year olds unsuccessful worker bees to the 16-year old craving for attention and an ounce of popularity in school.

It's all a numbers game. 306 friends?! Really? What do they like? Do they like Coke or Pepsi? Do they actually know ANYTHING about all those 306 people?

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