Saturday, November 24, 2007

Raspberry red, Chanel bag and lippie.

I am still flat hunting.. no luck so far. It is getting quite depressing so here I am, writing about something entirely unrelated.

I went shopping at Southaven a couple of weeks ago and check out my new raspberry red shirt!

It is floaty plus it's in a great shade of raspberry red. I am looking tired and blah lately, so a little color is good. I bought a few things, so did my cousin and we got the membership/discount card. Yay!

It reminds me of bougainvillea too. It's sheer and it is beautiful when the shrub is in full bloom.

[Anyway my specs are irritating my ears so much that I'm even thinking about Lasik. Yeah, all that gross "look at that red dot" while they zap your eyes are secondary now. Plus, I won't squash my specs when I fall asleep with them on. Because I will be spec-less. Excellent.]

Like royal blue, I am also very much into raspberry red lately. I know this is from 2006, but god I would love this classic Chanel bag like my very own pet (I won't say child, just in case my future baby gets jealous).

I want to run my fingers along the chain! It's just too bad that I can't afford to splurge on one right now.

Stila's Lip Balm in Fraise.

I don't put on any lipstick or gloss because I find it sticky and I am never sure if I got any on my teeth when I am eating. And you need lip balm when you are in an air-conditioned office almost all your life. Trust me, lips crack even though you drink lots of water. So tinted lip balm is the best thing ever!

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