Friday, November 09, 2007

Short vacation, grumpy and questions about airline.

J went back to work last night.

It was a last minute callup, and he couldn't say no. His company could not get enough crew so he had to go back and stand in. For the boat to leave port, they need key personnels such as the captain, first officer, all the officers and crew.

-- Yeah J has uniform like these complete with epaulets on the shoulder. No kidding. Not sure if they pose together though.

Well, technically he could say no since he was on vacation. The company would not force (can they?) him to go back. But they would have to refund/compensate the paying passengers and that figure goes into the millions. Tough choices.

Naturally I was upset when I heard the news. He was upset. And of course, I did the whole "I'm upset so I'm not speaking to you" act. For half a day or so. It sucks to get such disappointing news the very next day after my birthday. He was supposed to be in town till at least the 19th.

We're all grumpy.

We were at the airport yesterday evening, queueing at the Air Niugini counter. Who would have thought that many people would be flying to Port Moresby on a Thursday in November? It is not the school holidays yet. J was put at the very end of the aircraft. Awesome-ness.

[Honestly Air Niugini may want to review the SOP for ground staff checking in the passengers. If the standard "check in 2 hours beforehand" rule applies, please get the f%@king ground staff there 2 hours beforehand.

And what's the deal with taking off at 10.04pm when the flight was supposed to depart at 9:10pm?? They needed more time to load the baggages? Passengers couldn't make it to the gate on time? Can anyone explain this??]

Anyway I'm (still) writing posts on The Carpark, Le Apartment, dvd and movie reviews and nice places to gorge yourself silly. Oh, plus the alarming number of dresses I fell in love with over the weekend. It will be therapeutic penning my thoughts, I hope.

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