Friday, November 16, 2007

Wedding ring, pricey, store credit and smartass replies.

I am still missing J heaps. Nothing new to update on that story.

Oh my friend Yong from primary school got engaged last Friday! I'm really happy for him. That means I'm a fantastic proposal planner. And yeah, I'm promoted to the wedding planner now. Woohoo!

Honestly, I really have no idea how guys go about preparing for the whole proposal bit. Or how they find out she's the one. I've written about this before on the Ring issue. I mean, how do you know which one to get? Some women prefer a simple ring. Just a diamond and a band. Some women want over the top blingy ones.
-- This is gonna take someone's eye out.

Urrrrgh. Fugly.

It is pricey too. After stepping into Tiffany's a couple of times to help people (ahem, You-Know-Who as well) the price tag is staggering! I feel for you, all you people out there who have to fork out a few grand for a tiny rock. I really do.

I asked the Tiffany Lady if I could go back to change the ring for another or Store Credit. Yes we can. For a ring that is of the same value or something more pricey. You just have to top up the outstanding amount. Excellent.

At least your girl has options. Imagine YOUR troubles if she hates the ring, turns down your proposal, and you my friend are stuck with a $12000 rock you have no use for. My friends are always to shy to ask about the Refund/Credit policy. Dudes! It's $12000 of real money and not your Warcraft Gold. Don't be embarass to ASK!

I was surprised to find out about the "2 to 3 months paycheck" guide. Are you kidding?! Supposed the poor fella earns $4k a month, and he feels that it's a comfortable sum to pay the bills and loans (with their combined income) and give her the life she deserves. He asks her hand in marriage, and Boom! Enters a $8k-12k ring right there.

I just feel that spending a 5 digit sum on a ring is silly. The money can go towards something useful, like paying off the home loan.

Anyway it's just a thought. Wonder why all these wedding talk? Because I have one to go to tomorrow morning at 8am. Crap.

I don't think I'm hearing wedding bells any time soon. Every time I ask the "so when are you getting down on one knee" question, I get the following:
1) are my shoelaces undone? But I don't have any laces!
2) I have a bad knee. May need more exercise to strengthen it.
3) I'm not telling you! It wouldn't be a surprise.
4) it's a surprise.
5) so when are YOU getting down on one knee?

Goddamn it.

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