Friday, November 09, 2007

While J was here: My Birthday.

Because my birthday fell on a Monday and I had to work, J and I decided (well, mostly I) to have a birthday week.

Birthday week is easy. The week that your birthday falls on is your birthday week and you can do whatever you want, celebrate however your heart desire just because you say so. So you are king or in my case, Queen, for the entire week. It rocks.

We spent the weekend going to places we had never explored in Singapore. Like Fort Canning Park. We parked at the public carpark right next to the Registry of Marriage. You know, just in case the car gets broken into and all that nasty crap.

J thought I was trying to tell him something, giving him driving directions to park there. "Do we have to sign something to park here? Is that you nodding your head?" was asked when I was vehemently shaking my head. "Since we're already here, let's not waste the parking money and just sign it. It's $1/half hour you know. Parking isn't cheap. Maybe they'll validate the parking ticket."

Mumble mumble.

Fort Canning Park is a nice place to explore, if it wasn't for the sweltering heat. Taking pictures with hair sticking to your face and neck is not a good look. Fort Canning Hill used to be where Malay kings built their palaces on. Currently there is an archaeological excavation going on and it is also thought to be the resting place of the last (?) Malay king who ruled the island. History Channel freaks fans alert!

-- Gothic Gate at Fort Canning Hill.


It was my birthday on Monday. I was on morning shift and I went to work as normal, since I thought it was pretty silly to take the day off when I finished at 2.30pm.

I was pleasantly surprised when J greeted me at the door when I came back from work. J got me a nice pretty cake with candles on it! He even sang me a birthday song even though he is really not into singing. I blew out the candles and of course, I was all smiles.

-- One of those rare times where I put up a photo of me.

Balloons in my room. J spent the morning blowing up balloons, half worried that I might come back early from work and walk in on him. And so many of the silly balloons burst and I am still finding balloon bits in my room. He is so sweet. =)

I even got a present!

J got me a Legatte Jeans dress and it fit perfectly! The thing is, I don't know when I will ever have the chance to put it on? Oh well, he told me it is special because there are only 4 pieces of the dress in the whole of Australia.

Wow... dress, balloons AND cake. I'm happy.


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