Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Flu-ey, waffles, busy December and pointless update.

Nothing interesting to update, except that I'm getting more flu-ey by the minute.

It's raining so heavily outside that I can't see the next building. And the icing on the crappy cupcake that is my life? My washing is all outside. I think they'll be disgustingly soaking wet by the time I get home.

-- Yummy waffles smothered with creamy peanut butter.

On the upside, the lady at the cafeteria make me peanut butter waffles for breakfast this morning. I think she was feeling sorry for me, since I was sniffling and my eyes probably looked bloodshot or something. Waffles are not on the menu. The feeling of having waffles for breakfast on working weekday almost feels like the first time you discovered the 1 Up mushroom on Super Mario Bros.

-- You mean I get 1 more life!?

December is starting to look busy. Attended 1 high school mini gathering last Friday because Snag Puffy Combs is leaving for Sydney soon. Lucky bastard. I want to go back to Sydney!

15 December - Flying to Melbourne for my little brother's convocation
18 December - Flying back to Singapore.. =(
21 December - Another high school mini meetup
22 December - Moving Day: Episode 1
23 December - Moving Day: Episode 2
24 December - The last time I heard, I have a party to go to.
27 December - My Captain J should arrive if the office doesn't mess up.

Damn it's only Wednesday.

Actually I did heaps today.

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