Thursday, December 20, 2007


J emailed me recently and brought up something about the island where we held hands (sort of) for the first time. I was climbing uphill and we were going to check out a derelict bunker near a nuclear test site. Yes, it would make a fantastic first date (sort of). And yes, we go to offbeat places.

-- Beautiful island by the way.

It is quite amazing to think about the whole thing. Given the fact that he doesn't remember anniversaries ("Men are bad with dates", he says), it is sweet that he remembers the place. Or approximately when we first held hands.

And how strangely coincidental too. We held hands exactly 2 years ago. Today-ish. I think.

It is also strange how things have changed since then. We were friends and I don't think either one of us ever imagined us to be where we are at now. He was that guy who spoke only when spoken to, plus he ignored me most of the time and just walked right past me. I still remember how annoyed I was!

What a twist of events, won't you say?

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