Monday, December 24, 2007

I *heart* tealight candle holders.

I love my tealight candles. It makes the room/place softer and warm.

You have to agree that white fluorescent bulbs are depressing. I don't need my life to get worse when I get home. Especially my new place with fluoro tubes. Honestly it saps happiness right outta me everytime I step in there.

-- It's like a noose around my neck...

IKEA has some festive ones and I saw pretty tealight candle holders in town. I was tempted to get them, but honestly it doesn't feel right to buy a $20 glass cup to put a tiny candle in.

$3.90 sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Bird cage white lantern

Price: $2.99

Alessi Cactus tealight holder

Price? 20 friggin pounds (?!!!!)

Home deco is expensive business.

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