Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Incredible disappointment, anger and pure stupidity.

A friend of mine, Ling, got into serious trouble. She is now in massive debt because of her scumbag ex-boyfriend. I offered help, and got a lawyer friend to listen to her. It was a sordid tale of incredible Jerry Springer proportions.

To me, it is just a simple case of mismanagement. There were so many red flags along the way. She could have broke up with him and cut her losses. She could have sought help before the figure snowballed to a sum that is out of her control.

There were so many times she could have just left. But she didn't.

It is disappointing to see a friend whom I've known since kindy to end up in such a state. She was supposed to be the street smart one. It is even more disappointing to know that she is not taking charge of the situation now that the "dream" is over.

I am not the bloody Salvation Army. She's a grown up now, so grow the f*ck up and deal with it. No one is going to mother her and deal with the situation for her.

I am just very angry that she is still not taking responsibility for herself. You get into this mess, you figure out how you are going to solve it. No one besides her own family will be willing to put their lives on hold.

At this juncture, her only hope is her family. I just feel incredible pity for her family who is still in the dark. I am feeling so sorry for her poor folks.

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