Thursday, December 27, 2007

iTunes radio, More Than Words, and the big Move. has discovered iTunes radio. My god it's the best thing ever to have at work!

There are so many stations to choose from, classic rock to sports. I can now choose my type of music, and listening to it nonstop for the entire 9.5 hours while I'm at work. Commercial free with no static. 2007 looks like it's ending on a good note.

And my all time fave song came on.

Extreme - More Than Words.

Cheesy and somewhat tacky video, especially the hairdo. Guys with long silky mane = "Hi, I'm so comfortable with my manliness that I'm willing to go andro" *flicks hair*


In my previous post 3 years ago (!!), I mentioned about how special this song was (and still is) to me. Read about "Childhood fantasy 1", here.

Brings a big smile everytime I hear the song. Especially when J sings it too! We were driving in Palma for my birthday last year. Reception was poor because we were along the coast with all the mountains, tunnels and whatnot. But when the song came on, it stayed on one station. =D

-- Best birthday present ever!

Anyway I just got a call saying that the contractors will be arriving tomorrow morning to pull apart my current apartment. So that means I have to move in to my new flat tomorrow night. I am in between places at the minute because the new place is still not clean enough to my standards. All my things are still in boxes and it's not fun looking for a clean change of clothes among the boxes and bags, only to find kitchenware. Honestly.

Woe is me! Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

4 more days till J arrives. I can't wait to show him my new crib aka "Third World Slum", fondly [highlighted in turd color and] named by yours truly.


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