Saturday, December 01, 2007

Language, cabbie, exams and killer teddy.

I am on course. The company sent me for a Java training course on application servers. Good luck to all the application servers that I'll be laying my hands on. I wonder if they will turn out alright.

Yup, that's me sneaking in a bit of a chat in class.

I find the term "on course" funny. I'm not sure if it's a slang, or it is just weird on its own. "I am attending a course" sounds more logical than "I am on course". Just like "I am on off" when they actually mean "It is my day off from work". "On off". An exact opposite of each other. How ironic.

I was on morning shift and I flagged a cab to work. (Ed: I'm not wasting money. It's paid by the company.) Big mistake. It was one of the most "what the fuck" conversations I've ever had.

Me: [insert government agency] please.
Cabbie: Why are you going there? You looked like you just got off work.

Feeling incredibly insulted at 6am in the morning, because who the fuck gets off work at 6am near a clubbing district?! What kind of work are you talking about, f*cker? I mean, here I was, minding my own business and pissed at having to wake up so early for work, a cabbie was insinuating something downright dodgy.

-- This looks normal, right? It's not me, but I wore something similar.

Dude, I'm wearing a hoodie and a long black pencil skirt. And sensible flats. What kind of job do you think I do?

Cabbie: (Probably not sensing his impending doom, he chose to continue) Oh you are going to [government agency]? It's school holidays now, don't you get holidays too?
Me: No.
Cabbie: A lot of primary school kids failed this year's PSLE exams? Did you guys set especially hard papers?
Me: I don't set the questions.

Hey, if 4% of kids fail their PSLE exams this year, JUST LIKE THE 4% WHO FAILED IN THE PAST FEW YEARS, then don't you think maybe, it is the kids who should have put in more effort?

I know it's mean but if 96% of their peers pass, and 1 was only 4 points away from FULL MARKS, can we just even entertain the thought that it's not the world who picked on them, it's them?

I'm not trying to be mean. Nor unsympathetic. Really... some kids just have a little trouble catching up with their peers. But that does not mean that people set exam questions to fail them just so to make them feel even worse about themselves. I don't think normal people do that.

[Just checked the press release. Hey only 2.3% didn't make it this year.]

Jackass Cabbie. I was mistaken for a street walker who set hard papers to torture 12 year olds and then jet off for month long holidays. Thanks Cabbie, that's exactly what I need for a Friday morning.

I feel like killing people right now. Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

Killer Teddy. Only in Japan.

Quick updates on several things:
My Captain J has to train 4 new officers on this swing because a lot of people quit due to the poor less than favourable salary package. I don't think he's feeling very good about his job at the minute.

I may have found a place. Good to know that I'm not homeless. But bad to realise that I may never have enough money to be a home owner. And it is tricky to split the bills. This sucks big time.

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