Thursday, December 06, 2007

Moving, furniture shopping and high threadcount sheets.

Now that the actual moving day is approaching, I have more or less accepted the (cruel cruel) fact that I am going to have to get used to no air conditioning and fantastic view of the city nightscape.

I have accepted.. oh who am I kidding? Argggghhhhhhh!!!

-- Nice painting by the way.

As I have previously mentioned, house moving is one of the most traumatic life experiences in a person's life. And this is going to be the 3rd time I'm moving on my own.

[Read about my 1st moving experience here, House moving.]

I have lots to pack, but with 2 house moving experiences on my belt, it should be easy breezy. I moved twice all by myself. C'mon, if I can pack up and relocate to ANOTHER bloody CONTINENT, this should be a walk in the park. I mean, how bad can it get the 3rd time round?

I'm starting to swell with pride at my amazing ability to relocate without much help. I carried heavy boxes and my telly. Go Girl Power!

I have to pack
  • all my clothes, old and new
  • all my shoes and their shoe boxes
  • my pretty bags
  • telly (thank god I bought a flatscreen. This is foresight, my friend.)
  • dvd player and all the dvds
  • Playstation 2
  • stationery
  • magazines (they are heavy! 200 pages multiply by over a year's worth of them. )
  • books (novels, reference books etc.)
  • toiletries
  • loose items (my aromatherapy set, flower vase, pretty tealight holders etc.)
  • small electrical appliances (table lamps, iron, kettle etc.)
  • computer stuff (cables, dvd writer, extensions etc.)

I think that should be it. Well, that's all I can remember anyway. Before I drift away to make a mental list of things to pack and NEVER to return again, I need to buy things for my new flat.

I need to get a few pieces of loose furniture to make the place more livable. I was thinking of going all white for my bedroom, a la "The Devil Wears Prada". So chic!

Until the horrible truth sets in. White is probably going to get dirty. And too clinical for a bedroom for it to feel homely.

I need a tv bench. Not a table, a bench. That's what the people at IKEA calls it.

-- Friel tv bench

And the good people at IKEA is going to charge me $399 for a piece of furniture I'm going to put together myself. What the fish?

I need a mirror. Please, I need to find out if my hair is standing up before I step out of my flat.

$9.90? Sold!

I need a cabinet. The landlord has a wardrobe I can use but it's too small. Honestly the woman underestimates the amount of clothes a 20+ year old owns.
Lady, before I started PAYING rent for your flat, I used to spend all that money on clothes to make me feel better. And look better. You know what they say, if you look a million bucks, you feel a million bucks too.

$99??? Ka-ching! I'll probably use the top of the cabinet as a dresser or a decorative space where I put a coral and photos.

Nate approves too.

I need bedding. I was actually looking forward to getting silky crazy smooth high threadcount sheets until Reality gave me a tight slap across my cheek.

-- Oh silky crazy smooth high threadcount sheets, come to me!
"Dudette, you should spend your money on something practical and worthwhile instead of blowing it on luxe bedsheets!"

I wanted to retort that I need precious sleep and 1 sure-fire way of getting that is laying my tired body on silky crazy smooth high threadcount sheets. I held my tongue back.

-- Farewell luscious 1000 threadcount Sheridan Manon sheets!

Note to self: Food, bills and savings far outweigh the pros of silky crazy smooth high threadcount sheets.
I think bright and cheery is good.

But will yellow + brown (the wardrobe) make the room dowdy?

Black and white and totally mod. Soothing works too, because after all I am trying to get some precious shut-eye.

Loud clashing colors may just keep me up. =/

Since I'll be horribly broke till I work out my new expenses, I guess there won't be exciting shopping posts about the incredible joy clothes shopping bring me. Maybe ones on house deco, and less on raspberry pink cardi. I want a raspberry pink cardi.

p.s. Blogger f*cked it up again and I lost 80% of my post. I had to retype everything from memory. Goddamn it!

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