Thursday, December 27, 2007

New chapter and Proposal Planner.

A dear friend (ahem, ADRAIN) is starting a new chapter of his life. He proposed and he's getting married next year. I'm over the moon, Adrian.

The same ADRAIN (I spell his name wrongly just to PISS HIM OFF! It's our thing.) who turned down my Chanel goodie bag.
The dude whom I helped won money at the casino. He is engaged.

Quite a few of friends are engaged. 2 proposed this month, some have been engaged for longer than I can remember and some have found new love. I am the Proposal Planner for my friends, giving them tips and things to plan and look out for on the special day. And I go ring shopping with them at Tiffany's.

I have 0 experience at this wedding business but people strangely flock to me for relationship/proposal/wedding advice. I should start charging.

It shouldn't come as a shock at the staggering number of engagements, but I guess most of us have been lucky to have found people we really like. It is a great way to end 2007 and start 2008.

Next year - Year of Weddings.

Can't wait!

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